9 a death in the Family and in the Home

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It’s the end of the tv season for all The Latest News and a good reason to take the figures of Home and Family to do the comparison. It was the first season for more drama at Home with Family members, in there, they had to deal with more exits. In the Family of the count of the number of people killed this year in 3: the pedophile’s Vereecken (pushed down by Niko, a single unborn baby from Marie and Evy, who can we trust the germans, it was. At Home, there fell no less than six of death note: Cassie was shot, and two miscarriages, that of Paulus, mother of Sam, who, during a traffic accident that killed a Chinese man was killed, and Steven’s for euthanasia, and mercy. Nine-time to say goodbye, who will be the next one to be? It Is the second child of mary, the Family is really dead, or does she have a fake death certificate and know where to get one? And how many deaths there are during the season finale of Home and Family is still with you?