The Stoempers, three further

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Last week, we announced for the first time that Johan Veugelers as The Stoempers to leave because of the amount of work that he’s solo. That news hit fans like a bomb in there, but there is some good news. The Stoempers go again. Kurt Crabbé, Annelies Winten, and I’ve Been Rénaarts to go, as the trio continue, and will continue to atmosphere on a number of Flemish theatres. After a period of reflection in which each of the Stoemper take the time to think about what he/she is to be the future of The Stoempers will see, we will let You know today that The Stoempers now, three will be made. I’ve been Tells Like to wish Johan all the best and will be just as it was in the past, to be 200% committed to continue to work on this story, writing about the three of them are on Facebook, to be followed by a ‘see you soon’, and that the fans will like it.