The first names that Beat the VTM’s have been known to

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This fall, go for the 8 unknown Flemish people who appeared in the battle, with the same number of VTM on their faces. That’s what they do in the Beat on TV, and a brand-new program, in which both sides challenge each other to a 100-day period of time, a whole new discipline to learn. In an enthralling contest, they later compete against each other. 3 VTM-faces that are rising to the challenge, are well-known: Nathalie Meskens, Koen Wauters and Guga Baúl their chest, already wet with the glory of the VTM to defend it.

In the Beat of the VTM to take Natalie, Carl, and Guga’s, along with 5 different VTM-face on at 8 and viewers. The programme will start in autumn of this year with a “kick-off” broadcast, in which both sides will discover who their challengers are, and in what disciplines they had mastered to get it. The discipline to take care of, the well-known Flemish people themselves. After that, it stopped and a break of 100 days of intense training. Those who will excel in the new field of study? And succeed in the unfamiliar viewer to have access to the well-known as VTM-head, in the eyes of Flanders to defeat it?

With Koen Wauters Nathalie Meskens, and Guga Baúl in any event a 3 (s) of the VTM team, and that is the one for you. One by one, there will be something to go up against the club that made them to be. The VTM-pioneer, Koen Wauters, who had previously been the most physical and mentally fit for military service hand delivered, Wauters vs Waes, On the Winners and Project K’, is already as sharp. “For Wauters vs Waes, I had to face a very strong opponent. The candidates, who have to Beat the VTM to participate, it will not be for the Waes have different, I guess. Opponent is one I will never be under-estimated. I’m going to make sure that I do – and what the discipline is, so far as possible, at the start, come on.”