The additional date is for the 15th year, The pop music festival!

78cc48cbba491fecdcd385e171996471 - The additional date is for the 15th year, The pop music festival!

The pop music festival is celebrating next year its 15th anniversary with a “rookie” – Raymond van het Groenewoud, Christoff, schlagerkoningin, Laura Lynn, Romeo, and the very popular, john Smith.

“With close to 50,000 visitors this year, a record edition. That is, the people have enjoyed in our pop music festival-a fair, evidenced by the massive interest in, and demand for tickets to this year’s edition. It’s so great that we decided to have a fourth date added. You can have it for the 27th, 28th, 29th march and Saturday 4th of april 2020 to order tickets through the” heard from the conference organizers.

The young and the old, enjoying themselves at The pop music festival. It has become a tradition that people have, either individually or in a group, on an annual basis (more dressed up) at the Hasselt Ethias Arena for a memorable evening or afternoon. By 2020, we’re going to celebrate it’s 15th anniversary, with a live band, an impressive stage, in the middle of the room, the dancers and the schlagerkoningin, Laura, and Lynn. With her debut single, ” You got me a 1000 times to fight’ made them about 15 years ago for a revival of the popular Dutch-language songs. Together with the artists, the festival has evolved, without any of the festive nature of the losses.