Former winners, Nick and Kevin were to be the jury at Grillmasters

dbb41ee7b1070e16163aac113847a08e - Former winners, Nick and Kevin were to be the jury at Grillmasters

The Nordic week in Grillmasters brings out the six remaining couples to the fish market on the beach. There, they learn to fish, clean, fillet, and grill, like the Icelanders, the prefer to have. A major challenge for the ruined buildings, and Caroline, who are in their visfiletjes like ready-made at the grocery store to buy it.

Iceland’s most famous export, and the tv-head Paper Horse Asmundsdottir it comes to taste. This is the daughter of a vissersfamilie do you have anything to point to as the fish arrive. They are also a company of genuine, Flemish, Vikings with.

Globetrotting, Jo (78), the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Iceland, and they have already visited, but holds no great memories of it: “I think that there is not a lot to see. It was bare!” With colleagues at The bedisselt they have a plan, and she serves the fish in a weck jar, an idea of William and charlie, from a previous episode. Recycling, or theft? The other Grillmasters are thinking of their own from it. The original authors are not, at their heart, though as William is about to be a father to his first daughter, who is, and who doesn’t want more then to get her to come out and show off, on the final day. The way that this week is over ex-winners, Nick and Kevin. They are the times to be in the company of Stephanie Coorevits will come back to the Grillmasterskeuken in order for the students to accept their Scandinavian grillkunsten.