Following The Gert Verhulst is on? “Good idea,”

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We get (after Samson & Gert, next year They Intend? That chance isn’t non-existent, We have already had a number of performances of the Samson & Gert-written and, besides, he was a few years ago, and even in the shows as a camera operator. Now, the end of Samson & Gert closer and closer, it’s time to find a successor to think about it.

In the Story it tells, Gert Verhulst, that in the meantime the 75,000 tickets have been sold for the farewell shows of ” Samson & Gert. “As long as we have the tickets to sell, we will go through it. The campaign hasn’t even started. Now all we have is communication, after the announcement of the farewell party”, sounds like it’s coming from the mouth of Gert Verhulst.