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Coincheck: NEM-Steal from Russia instead of North Korea? – Coin Hero

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Coincheck: NEM-Steal from Russia instead of North Korea?

Home News Coincheck: NEM-Steal from Russia instead of North Korea?

Matthias Nemack –

The message about the Hacker access to the stock exchange Coincheck at the beginning of 2018 moved in wide circles. Now it is speculated whether the perpetrators sit in a rather in Russia.

Still no clarity around Hacker attack in 2018

2018 was the Bitcoin exchange Coincheck anything other than calm. On the one hand, there were multiple corrections to the tradable currencies, so that at the end of may were taken a few Altcoins such as Monero and Dash out of the trade. About a month ago, we had reported about the Acquisition of Coincheck by the Japanese company Monex Group. Much larger waves struck, but the attack at the beginning of 2018 is already a massive hacker. Long been speculated, where the perpetrators probably came for the attack responsible. After a long time, experts had suspected the origin of the dramatic fact in North Korea. Now a other home of the hackers seems to be but apparent.

The historical “success” of the Hacker to attack

More than 500 million tokens of the New Economy Movement-currency NEM were Criminal in January 2018 from the Wallets stolen. The value was at the time of the attack to the equivalent of more than 530 million dollars, which is the fact made to the most massive of its kind within the young crypto industry. A long time seemed to be supposedly clear that the culprits were probably from North Korea. Japanese media leave, but now that the author of the attack are more likely to seek in Russia. The presumption does not sound at all surprising. Because many stock market are already attacked by Russian hackers, collections, and various international investigations made by authorities in the past few months.

Eastern European perpetrators also come into question

The new guess is probably the result of evaluations of the E-Mail communication of several employees of the crypto exchange Coincheck. Different viruses are to be surfaced, which in turn are associated with it for some time cyber criminals in Russia. However, also Connections to Eastern Europe are, according to some security professionals, are also conceivable. It is certainly right that the viruses detected were sent by Mail on the computer. They allowed the perpetrator access to the systems, including the Hot Wallet of the operator and thus on the NEM reserves. In fact, the new reporting brings no clear information on Russian hackers, but scatters more new doubt on the North Korean origin of the attack.

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