Symphony orchestra of Flanders, it forms the musical heart of the festival, Enjoy a Classic

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Symphony orchestra of Flanders, this year will be the musical core of the third edition of the festival will Enjoy Classical music. In addition to the various forms of classical music picks of the festival this year, with a musicalconcert. This unique musicalconcert state Symphony orchestra of Flanders, under the musical direction of the musicalmaestro: Dirk De Caluwé. In this concert of music on offer from the succesmusicals Daens, 40-45, and 14-18. In addition to this, musicalconcert is Symofonieorkest in Flanders and also in the grand final concert. This show focuses on the band’s greatest hits from the classical music repertoire.
Nice and Classic, will continue to build on the well-known formula, is a unique concept in that the classical music combined with delicious dishes, njam!-level.

Already sixty years, it is the Symphony orchestra of Flanders is a fixture in the cultural landscape. As one of the leading bands in Belgium and brings it to both the construction and the creation of contemporary music, and contemporary renditions of familiar symphonic music. The orchestra plays an exemplary role in creating opportunities for young talented musicians, composers, soloists and conductors, and to create music of the past and present accessible to a broad and diverse audience in Flanders and beyond. The orchestra was named just as the Estonian Kristiina Poska in as the new chief conductor.

In addition to the musicalconcert provides Symphony orchestra of Flanders, also a grand concert, under the direction of conductor Azis Sadikovic. Performers. o.a. it would be very hard for 16-year-old viooltalent Alexandra Cooreman and Elia Cohen-Weissert, on the cello. Both of them are currently studying at the Queen Elisabeth college of Music. In this concert, through the band’s greatest hits from the classical-music repertoire, such as The Bloemenwals (from the Nutcracker) by Tchaikovsky, Quasi Ochtendstemming, and the overture to ” Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart.