Every day is a new kitchen and Jeroen Meus

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The team is a Daily occurrence and has promising plans. Jeroen Meus, choose this the year for a true staycation, and pull it along in twenty places, close to home. Further, he is to visit each and every day there is a different friendly Flemish people who, the doors and drawers of the kitchen would be wide open for a great portion of the Daily zomerkost.

Travel in your own country is on the rise, and rightly so. Our country has so much to offer. Also, One of the chef, Jeroen Meus likes it this summer and enjoy the local. After spending five weeks in the sun in Spain last year, attracts, Jeroen, and this summer, out of their own country. Before that, he went in search of people that wanted to receive it in their own kitchen. In a phone call with a lot of enthusiasm by the more than 3,000 respondents. From Lommel, belgium, to Ypres, and everything in between, the locations are enough to make a culinary trip along the twenty of the Flemish towns in france.

The Flemish cuisine, as it is
In each episode, we will he does a another location behind a different stove: for students in the dorm, in the gym, or even in the home. With the cooking equipment he had available, he makes a lovely, summery takes to be ready for the guests. So does he, for example, to visit the school trips in the Sea to make soup is to make. Stu and his big turn on bobby’s help to get the game From Knack Roeselare to surprise you with fresh burgers. At Bristol is an opportunity to treat all of the residents of the nursing home Mayerhof on delicious hors d’oeuvres with tastes from the past.

Of course, Jeroen is too, along with some of the Flemish are at home. By Rose, at Noorderwijk, for example, a pasta carbonara, with asparagus and fresh peas are on the menu. She is Philippe, from Herent to get back to a heavenly white chocolate mousse with poached apricots are served.

In a summer full of precious moments
“My summer memories are precious to us,” says Jeroen. “We had a van from Volkswagen that we went on vacation. We ate well, rarely, or never out at a restaurant, but always in the wild or on a campsite. If we then packed lunches to take with you to the beach.”