Charlotte Leysen way, with the result

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Today it was a Teen-me and Charlotte Leysen is on a visit to the Marathon on the radio at the CHARITY since it announced that this fall will stop if the result wrapper. Along with the Ketnetters is to find a suitable replacement. This quest will be out this autumn, to see the result. Charlotte, not instantly saying goodbye, and this for a long time yet, and the presentation of the Teen summer tour for her to take care of this.
Charlotte: “It will always stay with me: in the day when I Ketnetters been selected as a new Teen-me. Me, it has to be something very unique, a dream job. As a little girl, I remember how much I looked up to the shelf. I think it’s an incredible honour that I have this wonderful part of 8 years, to me, it was my privilege to take the children in a playful way, I can help you to grow up. I will be in those 8 years, have gone from graduate student to a adult woman. The result has given me so many incredible, beautiful, exciting, and adventurous at times, for which I am very grateful. I’ll take all of them into my backpack. But now, now is the time to get my wings out of the store. For every door that closes, a new. I can see all of the adventures! With a lot of care, and for fun I go to the end of the summer, along with the Ketnetters can look forward to a new me. And then it has come full circle, and I, as well as the Ketnetters as my Teen peers, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the great memories. That I will carry forever in my heart.

Charlotte Leysen was established in 2011 by the Ketnetters chosen as the Teen-me. For the first time in the history of the result, the Ketnetters as their new, Teen-me. She also presented the programs, as Well as Seen! King Live, it was the sight of the first edition of the ‘ Move against bullying, and has played the lead role in the Teen Musical comedy: Kadanza. Over the past few years, she was also a member of The KetnetBand.