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Bitcoin price is breaking through the 9,000 dollar mark & reached 13-month high

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Bitcoin price is breaking through the 9,000 dollar mark & reached 13-month high

Home News Bitcoin price is breaking through the 9,000 dollar mark & reached 13-month high

Marcus Misiak –

For the first Time in over 13 months, the Bitcoin the Bitcoin price has broken the US $ 9,000 mark, and at the same time an interesting milestone of over one Million daily active addresses reached.

The weekend was once again extremely bullish for the Bitcoin price has risen to a new high for the Year for 2019 and a thirteen-month high. These gains have taken place until the Monday morning. Currently (to the editorial zeitptunkt) is Bitcoin about 9.190 USD. On some exchanges the Bitcoin price reached yesterday, and even the 9.300 US-Dollar brand, before there was a small correction. After the Bitcoin price climbed in the last few days continuously, the BTC price is currently a small deficit of about 0.5 percent over the past 24 hours.

In the Figures of the current BTC price as following can be summarised:

  • This is the highest price for Bitcoin, we have for the last 13 months seen.
  • Bitcoin by 1 Million chips in daily active addresses, for the first time since the end of 2017, as it was the last Bull-Run.
  • On a monthly basis for Bitcoin has risen by 8 percent.
  • Bitcoin on a 7-day Basis by 17.2 percent.
  • Bitcoin has experienced year-on-year price increase of 142%.
  • The trading volume of Bitcoin on all exchanges in the world in the last 24 hours at about 19 billion dollars.
  • The Bitcoin dominance rate, and proportion of the total crypto-currency market now stands at 57.1 per cent.

The above-mentioned milestones are interesting when you consider that the last Time Bitcoin the one Million active addresses, for the first Time, broke, on 27. November 2017, when the price of Bitcoin was about 9.352$. The current price rise has been attributed to a number of factors, with speculation on the announcement of the digital Facebook currency, as well as the entry of larger players into the market, like Fidelity and the Intercontinental Exchange are guided by Bakkt back.

What’s next?

As usual, traders and analysts have studied the Charts the next levels of support and resistance. It seems that a previous High from may last year, and a key Fibonacci value will be come the next major resistance level to the game that must be overcome before Bitcoin can be $ 10,000-brand break through. Trader Josh Rager has looked at the Charts.

$BTC Strong Weekly Close. Bitcoin has been extremely bullish and is forecasting a Test of the major resistance between $9500 and $9600, the 0,382 fib (is is a typical “take profit”-the area at $9532). But last Time everyone expected a big setback in the range of 6,000, but by the 7,000 broke.

Max Keiser is not doubled his forecast, and keeps to its ambitious price target, in which he said that there is to sell before “little Bitcoin” before BTC reached the 28,000 dollars:

Between here and 28,000 dollars there are hardly any BTC. I.e. no one wants to sell any size in between prices. My work tells me that we will see up to 28,000 dollars, not a significant seller. The Market-Making 101 stuff. Certainly not a news for you (I hope).

Whether the upward trend will continue, however, remains to be seen. Not unlikely that a Day Trader will try to achieve profit-taking and this could cause the Bitcoin price to the old Support Level of 8,000 USD to return. As we reported, was expected by some experts, a massive correction back to 6000 USD that is not, however, yet occurred. On the contrary, At the Moment the mood is very optimistic, although US customers will be forced to in the past week, for regulatory reasons, on the soon to be introduced “Binance America” switch.

A new high for the year could therefore be imminent, because of the often awaited “Red Monday” occurred after a strong weekend. Most crypto-currencies are only slightly negative and the total market capitalization stands at 284 billion dollars, which is roughly equivalent to the highest value this year.

Featured Image: Iaremenko Sergii | Shutterstock

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