Walter Verdin, brings over 35 years of its iconic videoconcert live)

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After his participation in the Eurovision song contest in 1983, it has, by Walter Verdin, his minimal electro/new-wavegroep in the Pas de deux, and he set his sights on the art. However, this is for the Verdin is not a large step to take. Are videomuziek and videoritmes, of which he is the computer-aided video-editing program as if he had the keys of the keyboard are played, is completely in line with the music which he was a Pas de deux, and for theatre performances (e.g. Adeline). Thus, in 1984, VIDEORHYTHMICS, a living sculpture in which image and sound are fused together. A “video concert”, where the image of the music and each other’s equal, was.

What you see is what you get, and vice-versa.
In the context of a large multi-year project of The New Cuts, showing the different aspects of his work will be put together, there will be more than 35 years after its first performance, this is the first videoconcert a new lease of life, in co-operation with a group of musicians, all of which are already in videoconcerten also played a role. The concert will not be a dry response, but it is a ‘re-skinned’ version, and adapted to the technology of today.

The musicians will be there to go back to the original line-up of VIDEORHYTHMICS, where the percussion and the strings in the foreground of the image there. In addition, there will also be excerpts shown from the other concerts, and installations, in which the relationship between the eye and the ear to be central to it: o.a. Minimalize – videodance, N°1 (1981), Somewhere Else / In the Meantime, In 1985, Women’s & Airplanes (1987), Videolepsia (1993), XAfrika (1996), DA DA DA DA DA PRJCT (2000), the Title-Safe the 1, 2, 3 (2001-2007).