Gert Verhulst has no time for honeymoon

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A few days at the Gran Canaria to his son, Victor Verhulst to find that it is the holiday of Gert Verhulst. Jones has got to be at the Gran Canaria to his son, you see, because on tv, he has his son away. “You are not allowed to step aside for a moment to see if he has been passed over,” said Gert Verhulst Thursday at the clipopname Love the Island. Which program is the guilty pleasure, Gert Verhulst, and he is in every night, safe in the knowledge that in order for the program to look at. Girl can have, my son, is a host and FOUR for the part of the employer. However, we believe that the owner of the Studio 100 are in the word. Thursday, took the Girl, along with the rest of the cast of ” Samson & Gert, the video for “feel the heat!”, for the single by Samson & Gert. “The a single” said Jones. “Normally comes just in time for the holidays, a last-single by Samson & Gert, that will be a kerstnummer to be”. A few days after his marriage to Ellen is a Girl again, on the go, a honeymoon is not a period of time. The clip of recording of Samson & Gert, the rehearsals for The Battle, and a check-out, concierge Samson & Gert, images of The Battle, at the beginning of september, a new season of Girl in Late Night, followed by the start of season 2 of Dancing With The Stars may have pictures for the Girl from Last Year, and then start the Girl on the farewell show of ” Samson & Gert. “With a bit of luck there will be more next year, around this time of the year, opening a hole for our honeymoon, and to do that,” laughs Jones. But at the same time, he was on the campaign for the afscheidsshows yet to begin, and that there is still a lot of tickets to be sold. The first show is on 21st december, 2019, and are there any shows until april 18, 2020, accounting for nearly 75,000 tickets sold.