Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 24

91a43068fe0c493973b6244adef5cd3d - Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 24

In the Ultratop 50 In Flanders, it is the coming and going of the four. This week, the last seven tunes: “Have you got that?” Marcel de Groot, Bart and Herman, Serum, and “Off”, “on The Radio” by Many, She A “working Together”, “Dance, boyfriend, dance ‘of the Great Peter Van De Veire Ochtendshow, “Where the sun is shining, and the sea kiss” of” I’ve Rénaarts and Michael Lanzo & Corina with their “Friendship for life”.

Berlaen, went there once, but now he’s back with “Stommekloeut” at 47. Nina Butera honors, Paul Severs, and comes in at 45 to the beautiful tribute, “Return to me”). After All this time,” at 44, Frank Valentino, is back. “Horizon” The Ghost & Andrea drum, place it on position 37. One spot later, we see Dean, “I want it”. The “Just one day” is Johan, the Queen, at 34. The highest new entry goes by the name of Q3, and their single “You’re my Gigi,” and ends up at 22.