The russians want to be is no means to cool them ban

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While almost the whole world is enthusiastic about response to the new HBO series, ‘Chernobyl’, they think, in Russia, the creators of the series to continue. Of the Russian’s party of Communists of Russia have submitted a proposal to the popular series of ‘Chernobyl’ and to the commission. In addition, they want to be, that there is a process that is, for the sake of slander. The defendants were the writer, director and producer of the HBO series. According to the Russians, to try to the makers of “Chernobyl,” the Sjovetregering, and the people are in a bad place, and that is to swallow, they don’t.

The complainants have to mention the manipulation and the lies. The Russian televisieregulator would have asked for the series to do these things. Or, that is, it is not clear. ‘Chernobyl’ is a large part of the world, to Netflix, to be followed. In the us it will be in the range of, in the course of the next year at home coverage. The Canvas had last week, namely, the rights acquired by the groundbreaking five-part HBO series of ‘Chernobyl’. In april of the next year, this series is for us all to see.