The orange in the lead in the second half against Cameroon at the world cup

29f7b80667e6fe52372882a06a644877 - The orange in the lead in the second half against Cameroon at the world cup

The orange in the lead in the second half against Cameroon at the world cup

June 15, 2019 at 12:59 am
15-06-19 at 12:59 am
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The Oranjevrouwen may on Saturday with a victory against Cameroon to place the eighth-finals of the world cup in France. The second poulewedstrijd Valenciennes ouest-petite forêt is at 15: 00 began, and in this liveblog, you do not have to miss anything.

Good afternoon, welcome to the liveblog for the world cup match between the Oranjevrouwen, and hong kong. My name is Patrick, and Mother, and I will keep you informed of all the latest developments surrounding the team contest. A lot of fun!!!

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  • The Netherlands And Cameroon (2-1)
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  • The orange to win by a

World cup women’s · * * * a few hours ago

It’s a small wonder that the Cameroonian women, with ten of the players on the field. The ‘Indomitable Lions’ kick anything that moves, but, as yet, been spared by the referee’s Reibelt. This karatetrap of non-governmental Mbeleck to Jackie, and the Greens had just the red.World cup women’s football · the 8-minute geleden72′ with A shot distance of Miedema, it is easy to be turned on by the Cameroon keeper, Ngo).World cup women’s football · a 9-minute geleden70 or ” She of the Dark is the game on it. It will be replaced by Jill Roord, who, in a duel with New Zealand, with the winning hit is scored.World cup women’s football · a 12-minute geleden68 Also after the former is in Cameroon, there is a schoppartij of it. Feudjio kegelt in Developing the bottom up, and is lucky that the referee Reibelt on a yellow card, because of the lord’s.World cup women’s football · is a 13-minute geleden66′ Shanice van de Sanden has been the first player to place all of the Orange that is being changed and the leaves are irritated in the field. The flankspeler will be replaced by Lineth Beerensteyn.World cup women’s · 19 hours geleden61′ me some danger from the Dutch. Feudjio will shoot from the edge of the penalty area next to it. The orange would have to do it as soon as possible, the game is in the slot, to be disposed of.World cup women’s football · a 20-minute geledenDe 2-1 by Bloodworth, filmed from the stands.

👇🏻jump @oranjevrouwen 2-1 ⚽️ #NEDcmr #NEDkam #OnsOranje #JFNonTour #awaydays #WKvrouwen @DomBloodworth 👌🏼


AuteurArne JolingMoment of plaatsen16:17 pm – June 15, 2019WK women’s · a 22-minute geleden57′ Wow , that helps a little bit. Miedema know in a flurry of Green from a difficult position, however, is still on target to be shot, but her attempt on goal.World cup women’s football · 24-geledenEen good time to Bloodworth, who won her first interlandgoal record.

1 – Dominique Bloodworth scored her first ever goal for @oranjevrouwen, in what was her 30th appearance for the Netherlands in the Women’s team. ‘Momentum’. #FIFAWWC #BBC


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:13 – June 15, 2019WK women’s · a 26-minute geleden54 united states seems to have been reborn out of the locker room come out. Amber hunt is on for the 3-1, and shows the Cameroon, not the five minutes of the match to come.World cup women’s football · 29 minutes geledenNiet only in the Valenciennes region, but also in many Dutch homes, it is the celebration after the 2-1 from Bloodworth.

In my living room when a goal from #oranjeleeuwinnen #nedkam #trotsepapa


AuteurJarno DeenMoment of plaatsen16:08 pm – June 15, 2019WK women’s football · 32 minutes ago,48′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! 2-1

The netherlands has taken the lead to do. The tapered style with a surprising-executed free-kick to the Greens and the way. Who keeps the list, and returns the ball in from the right side and hard. Cameroon’s women, cutting the ball back, and then Bloodworth you can binnentikken.World cup women’s football · the 34-minute geleden46, ” We’re back on the road at Valenciennes ouest-petite forêt. The same 22 players, as for the rest, can be found in the field.World cup women’s · 38 minutes ago

Vivianne Miedema shared top goal scorer of all time, Orange.
Melis 59 am
She is 42
Smith, 30
Flashback to 30
The Bakery 29
Kiesel-Griffioen (19
From the past 18
Van de Sanden 17
Stevens, 16
Noom 16


AuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen15:43 – 15 June 2019WK women’s one-hour geledenNederland’t be able to enjoy the historic match that of Miedema.

154 – Gabrielle Onguene’s equaliser for Cameroon was scored just 154 seconds and after, Vivianne Miedema had given the Netherlands the lead. The One-eighty. #FIFAWWC


AuteurOptaJoeMoment of plaatsen15:51 am – June 15, 2019WK women’s one an hour ago

Also, the wave, is still considerable room for improvement in Orange. #FIFAWWC #NEDCMR


AuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen15:46 pm – June 15, 2019WK women’s one an hour ago

Peace. The level is, it is not about the money, but because of the many, many mistakes, it is entertaining to watch. Mid-state, the Cameroon-Netherlands 1-to-1.World cup women’s one-hour geleden45+2 ” As a great opportunity for the Oranjevrouwen to get straight back on the lead, but the team of head coach Sarina Wiegman is not a good opportunity to get. Miedema has to specify that She has the time and space to get out of it, but it touches on a child-like way with the ball.World cup women’s football-four hours ago,43′ GOAL Cameroon! 1-to-1

It is almost the same in Valenciennes, and Orange is self-imposed. She let verkijkt is on the attack, is simply omspelen by Onguene, who is in an empty goal in the 1-1 record.World cup women’s football-four hours ago,41′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! 1-0

Miedema, a headline in Orange in reference to the Sanden on it. This match is in its 59th Oranjegoal in total, which equals Manon Melis is the alltime Oranjetopscorer.World cup women’s one-hour geleden37 Ngo Mbeleck american Green is almost cut into two. The ex-athletes, but just to prevent the studs from the African in her face. Mbeleck is a very strong with only a yellow card. Green is on the match again.World cup women’s one day ago

The Australian referee Casey Reibelt has with the Cameroonian women, and those with hard-to-play players to the game system.World cup women’s one-hour geleden33 Of Experience. a kopduel unhappy in her neck, and quite rightly so. Once again, it is a game for a couple of minutes of silence.World cup women’s one-hour geleden30 A ” safe shot distance by Jeanette Yango, who, with, pink, pink, pink hair, on the field, dartelt, it is easy to get caught up by From the West. It was the first shot on goal in this very game.World cup women’s one-hour geleden28 ” After a strong phase of the Cameroon, the Netherlands, and what. We are waiting for is still on the first of each Oranjekans.World cup women’s one-hour geleden24 Orange, the problem with Cameroon, and after a quarter of a year always at the first opportunity. The game still needs to come off.World cup women’s one-hour geleden22′ – What a chance for Cameroon to take the score to open it! Van Lunteren and cut the ball back, allowing Gabrielle Onguene is a free schietkans get. That crack of the ball, and then in the zijnet.World cup women’s one-hour geleden21 After an interval of three minutes, we are going to continue. Apparently, there was nothing to worry about.World cup women’s one-hour geleden18 ” The game is paused, because the value in the view. It is unclear as to what exactly is going on.World cup women’s one-hour geleden17, ” It seems to be much better to go with Miedema. Beerensteyn stop warmlopen.World cup women’s one-hour geleden14 Of the Dark will be knocked out by the leader Method, that is, a yellow card is received. The orange may be in a promising position for a free kick, but it doesn’t, then it is nothing.World cup women’s one-hour geleden12′ is Actually best for hong kong. A hard ball is just in front.World cup women’s one-hour geledenLineth Beerensteyn goes all warm.

Miedema, damaged. It would be a early bill of exchange may be used.


AuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen15:09 pm – June 15, 2019WK women’s · 2-hour geleden8 and Orange, it is a lot better than the African women, who are not of their own half here. It will result in no supply opportunities.World cup women’s · 2-hour geleden5 and Orange leaves, no grass will grow, and choose the right full-attack. She dribbles in the penalty area, but is just doesn’t have a shot. The rebound of the Greens, it also provides, to no avail.World cup women’s · 2-hour geleden3 Of the Sanden rushes through the right side to the front, but its first move will be simply removed.World cup women’s · 2-hour geleden1′ Oh, that doesn’t look good. Miedema will have two seconds after the kick off the ball at her face, and goes to the floor. The striker has, be sure to take care of on the side.World cup women’s · 2-hour geleden1′ get The ball rolling at the Stade du Hainaut! The netherlands-Cameroon is on the move.World cup women’s · 2-hour geledenOok our site. Rypke Bakker has been on the perstribune ready to go.

Let’s get started!


AuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen14:55 pm – 15 June, 2019WK women’s · 2-hour geledenOranje lost, and only one, of the last eighteen matches which, since that time, mr. Dekker, in the basic beginning.

15 – @oranjevrouwen have won 15 of the last 18 matches in which She Decker started (D2, L1). Making a Comeback.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen14:53 – 15 June 2019WK women’s · 2-hour geledenDe football walk on the field and ready to perform.World cup women’s · 2-hour geledenEen a large majority of the voters in our poll believe that the Netherlands is not a problem at all with hong kong.

What’s going on this afternoon and done with a duel between the Oranjevrouwen, and in Cameroon in the world cup?

  • Orange wint90%
  • Gelijkspel6%
  • Cameroon wint4%

World cup women’s football · 2 hours ago

If you win, the Oranjevrouwen sure of the eighth finals. These fans are ready for it.World cup women’s football · 2 hours ago

(2/2) Wiegman goes on to say: “I don’t think that one match, though, things need to change, unless there is something really wrong. But you have to be very good to analyze and see what could be done better. It all starts with a win, and that’s the most important thing. After that, we need to make sure that we have a good football and on the mat lay.”World cup women’s football · 2 hours ago

(1/2) head Coach Sarina Wiegman has not a long time after you have to think about whether they are a few times Netherlands, following her suspension back on it to take it in to the base. “Since that time, and Dominique Bloodworth in the run-up to the world cup, many played together,” says Wiegman, in ” interview with the NIS. “So, the choice She had to make.”World cup women’s football · 2 hours ago

The warm-up is in full swing at the Stade du Hainaut.World cup women’s football · 2 hours ago

The Oranjevrouwen, and Cameroon have not yet played each other. The netherlands is crossed, however, before the battle with the three other African countries: côte d’ivoire, Nigeria, and South Africa.World cup women’s football · 2 hours ago

The Orange fans are still mostly out of the box.World cup women’s · 2-hour geledenInclusief the commentary from Jack van Gelder.

A game without borders, in the Valenciennes region. #Valenciennes ouest-petite forêt


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