Take the job, and Amanda’s to share good news on marriage

Take the job, and Amanda's to share good news on marriage

A few weeks ago to take the Job, and She is in an intimate circle, in front of the law have been married. The two chose to get two times as about to get married. Friday is married to the Job, and She also works for the church. Up to 13 hours, a promise they have to each other once again, their undying loyalty, in the onze-Lieve-vrouwe Cathedral in Antwerp. Afterwards, had a family, and friends are welcome on their wedding day. Their guests were in for a long time ago, to be invited, and their patience was put to the test. When the invitation had been for the couple, namely, that they will have a premiere event would be to announce it on their wedding day, and certainly not before. The only thing that the couple is in advance lost, wanted, was, that She was not pregnant. It was a Friday night, then a moment of tension when the Front and Her on the airwaves, and their guests, will be presented. What was different is that there’s a baby coming, and it was. However, She and Sven are going to a private business to open in Retie. Here she is at the beginning of september, the well-known deep-t Festyn about it. However, this is only the beginning, because next year there will be in addition to the shop is also a restaurant open.
The promise, therefore, a busy time for Amanda and Sven, first, they are on their honeymoon ago, and even have them!!!