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Newsflash: the marketplace goLance joins RippleNet; Visa, Uber and Paypal Facebook FaceCoin support

5a1580da8d451b71ee8eec7d1ae632da - Newsflash: the marketplace goLance joins RippleNet; Visa, Uber and Paypal Facebook FaceCoin support

Newsflash: the marketplace goLance joins RippleNet; Visa, Uber and Paypal Facebook FaceCoin support

Home News Newsflash: the marketplace goLance occurs RippleNet with; Visa, Uber and Paypal support Facebook’s FaceCoin

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The Freelancer marketplace goLance is joined, according to the latest Reports, the RippleNet. It was a hot discussion about whether the platform would actually use the native Token of Ripple, XRP, for the purpose of processing payments. CEO Michael Brooks mentioned the company’s partnership with Ripple at the American Business Awards in 2019. Furthermore, the website highlights the Ripple as one of the possibilities of the new payment integrations.

The LinkedIn post of software development company and goLance partner Paralect uses Ripple to enable quick and effective cross-border payment solutions via a digital Asset. The message is moved to the aforementioned wave of wild speculation to yourself.

So far, 27 companies have confirmed that they actively use XRP to international money Transfers handled. Of these 27 companies, 13 partners sets the payment software xRapid of Ripple, which uses the native tokens, XRP. This includes, among other things, the Euro Exim Bank, which wants to use this technology for payments in over 80 countries.

Visa, Uber and Paypal are investing in the development of Facebook’s FaceCoin

Visa, Uber and Paypal are three of a total of more than ten companies, which are supposed to support the crypto-Asset of Facebook financially. Among the familiar faces in the financial giant Mastercard also. According to the Wall Street Journal each business to provide 10 million USD, so that Facebook can accelerate the development of its own digital currency. The report cites “people with the matter familiar”.

The development of the so-called “stable-coins” will be held for months in secret and is trying to get any information at an early stage leakage. Some of the reports that the Cryptocurrency will be integrated into Whatsapp, and Instagram, and first in developing countries with very volatile currencies is to be used. The crypto-currency of Facebook is to be covered by Euro, USD and other Fiat currencies. Thus, the course is designed to be stable and the Coin can be used for many countries around the world.

Rumors about the entry of Facebook in the crypto scene to scuba diving for the first time in December of last year, when it became known that Facebook has formed a Blockchain Team. At the time, was, however, silent about the exact reasons iron welded. In August of last year, a Post appeared on LinkedIn, which showed that the company is looking for a Blockchain-experts with experience in the areas of public law, procedure and cryptography. In a further separate display from December, it means that the company is looking for ways to offer billions of people a new way to access financial services to access and exchange data (freely translated):

The Blockchain Team is a Startup within Facebook, with the Vision to bring the Blockchain technology on Facebook level for the Run. We investigate interesting areas in all facets of the Blockchain technology. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate billions of people access to the things you currently have – which can be just financial services, new opportunities to Save or create new opportunities for the exchange of information.

The Bitcoin bull of Andreas Antonopoulus has speculated about the possible consequences of altered for large banks, because of the GlobalCoin is in competition with the traditional banking system. Furthermore, Facebook can look at a user base of 2.5 billion people, so in this case, the majority of the human population will have access to this currency. Next month should be announced for more Details and next year the digital Asset is to be launched already.

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