Evi Hanssen, Herman Brusselmans in the Celebrity Call Centre

73e2cf411e868220932ddb56a8b8484f - Evi Hanssen, Herman Brusselmans in the Celebrity Call Centre

As of Sunday, June 30th, starting at NPO 3 at 21: 15 you can to the weekly program, “Celebrity Call Center” via VARABNN. Questions such as, “My friend wants to be an SM, and I don’t like, what now?” will be Evi Hanssen, Herman Brusselmans perhaps in the new Dutch program. Many of the well-known Dutch and two Belgians, to provide a listening ear to an anonymous caller, that a dilemma, or have their heart of hearts would like some fresh air. The telephone operators to respond from their own experience, and out of the phone, by talking to each other.

The other celebrities in the programme are as follows: Peter R. de Vries, a Girl Today, Tall, French, Juultje Tieleman, Britt Scholte, Jorgen Developing, Jessie Jazz, Vuijk, as well As Pleasure, Everon Jackson Hooi, Filemon Wesselink, Ryanne van Dorst, Dennis Weening, Carry, Slide, Help, Check, Thomas van Grinsven, Javier Guzman Wim Huisman, Toprak Yalçiner, Dirk Zeelenberg, As the Happiness, Catherine Keyl, Zarayda Groenhart,Jet van Nieuwkerk, Alex Milne, Sahil Amar Aïssa, Bobbi, Eden, and Louisa Thompson.

(Nico Vanaken)