This guy is replacing Sandra Bekkari on tv

This guy is replacing Sandra Bekkari on tv

Loïc Van Impe is a hot topic on social media. The 25-year-old foodvlogger and blogger, and his recipes are very popular on both Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. His smooth talk a fresh way of story-telling, and cooking, to make the VTM for this young kooktalent this fall, their own cooking shows every day of the week in the evening.

Loïc has two great passions: music and cooking. He also plays guitar in a rock-punk band, and also to cook for him, pure rock-and-roll. The cuisine is in his genes: his mother and father, a chef, and from a very young age, he does himself no better than the jars, and stirring, preferably by using the freshest ingredients from its own vegetable and herb garden. Loïc is really a child of the kookhype. Not only was he trained by his parents and a myriad of cooking books, he has also learned how to cook thanks to the millions of videos on tv and online to see.

In the world as well as local, willing to learn, no hokjesdenker, an eco-conscious consumer: Loïc is a child of this generation. The kitchen is of a young age, his natural habitat. As he grew up, literally, in the deli of his mother, where he is in the eyes out of his head, looked up, and a love of learning along with the pots freely. But he also wanted to be a mother, not that the action is over. “A good chef is in the kitchen when other people are partying,” she said when her son, aloud, with its own restaurant, a dream. Loïc decided to go to the RITCS, where he graduated as a mechanical engineer, but it’s in the blood, where it is not able to go.

During his studies, he started the #kotfood-movies-to-run-for students who have free time and would rather use social media than to have to spend. In 2013 – only 19 when he participated in the VTM program ” The Taste. In the final he won just doesn’t have it, but have eternal respect for o for a while.a. member of the jury, and chef Gert De Mangeleer, the former owner of the driesterrenrestaurant Duke, Jan. When he graduated it was, but it was also a passionate cook and a second-series of vlogs is on Facebook. In the meantime, he is sitting at 43.000 followers, and on Youtube and on Instagram, he shares his culinary adventures. A preference for paper over digital copies? Don’t worry, Loïc may be the author, with his book, ” The Rookie Cook.