The evening only this summer, six times on podium

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It will not be a busy festival summer for Koen and Kris Wauters, and that’s a conscious choice. Koen, among others, images for Belgium’s Got Talent, and it should be up to the new album shortly after his work on it. This summer, shortly after his “only” six times on the podium. “It’s a little…. but it’s going to boenk at all.”, write to Koen Wauters on Instagram. “I hope that all of you are the same feel like it and come sing it!”, smile at the singer.
The evening only in August, in Eindhoven, the netherlands, Moscow, Around, Blade, Zwevegem, and Rotterdam three times in the Flanders region, more than a few times in the Netherlands. The concerts, all in August, it’s probably not a coincidence, by the way, in July in the studio working on an album, which we hope will soon arrive.