The Canvas will acquire television rights to high-profile series of the Chernobyl

12f781351748673bcb4ce32d74089565 - The Canvas will acquire television rights to high-profile series of the Chernobyl

The Canvas has the broadcasting rights acquired on the groundbreaking five-part HBO series of the Chernobyl. With a score of 9.7 of 10 was given to the historical fiction series about the infamous nuclear disaster in Chernobyl (1986), the highest valuation ever seen on the leading edge at the Internet Movie Database. The international press was very enthusiastic about the series.

Network manager Olivier, Goris, is proud to announce that Canvas will once again be able to extract it with an international production: “the best of The best documentary films and series, and today, the top of its game, and the important stories that really need to do that, you will want the Canvas to bring. I am also very pleased that, after Leaving Neverland, Big Little Lies, My Brilliant Friend, ” and ” The Handmaid’s Tale and the impressive Chernobyl on the Canvas. It is by far the most memorable, the most acclaimed television series of our time.”

Chernobyl is, from april 2020 to broadcast on the Canvas, the grid in the period in which the disaster occurred (april 26).
The Chernobyl tells the story of the explosion at the nuclear power plant in the then soviet republic of Ukraine, and the catastrophic consequences for the environment and the community, and it’s a race against time, the firemen, and engineers in order to get people to save and what to avoid. However, she also demonstrates how the soviet authorities attempted to the true reason for the crash to cover it up, and how one man fought to bring them to the light.