The 10 finalists will compete for the title of Homo universalis?

7fab46184128488eb5160d6bcf13a178 - The 10 finalists will compete for the title of Homo universalis?

It is the most popular television play of the moment, the ‘Homo universalis’, in Everyone is famous, we are approaching the end of its lifetime. Since the start of the second season of the sub-section on Monday the 11th of February, and it was fought for by the 100 candidates. Each and every day, and they had a new job, going on a stoelenrace, to be the fastest pencil-sharpening, is a theoretical test to fill in, building a fire, drawing a picture of a bike, until a police dog defeated.
There are still, after Friday, only 10 candidates, but to start, did the ‘Homo universalis’, with 100 candidates and 50 for men and 50 for women. The youngest participant (Selattin was 18 years of age, with the oldest (Brigitta) 83. The best-represented province this year, the city of 32 candidates, followed by East Flanders (25). In West-Flanders and Flemish-Brabant, and had issued both of the 17 candidates down, Limburg, it had to do with the 10 candidates, and the Brussels-capital region, had only 1 representative. Each and every day of the year there was a person, and she is now 10. They will fight on until there is only 1 man or woman is left: the Homo universalis. That you can enjoy one year free holidays offered by Neckermann. In addition, he or she will, of course, for the honor of being the exclusive title of Homo universalis to be worn. But who are the ten contenders…?

In the past few months, fell out over 90 applicants down. But who is the man or woman who has everything? Of these 10 candidates has a chance at the title. The finale of the “Homo universalis” will be played on Thursday the 27th of June.

Like Forgotten from the city of Turnhout is 36 years old and a registered nurse. As a cyclist, she is very athletic, but the weaknesses of his game, and rekenproeven, where they are always among the last to end. As a result, the rekensomproef almost proved to be fatal. Hopefully, for the Like there are no puzzelopdrachten more in the future.

The 27-year-old Charlotte, Gousseau, from Several, is a teacher of primary education. She is brave and stands her ground in all of the creativity and dansproeven. Plastic bugs are not its strength, as with the mice, and throwing the butterflies to catch, she was in trouble.

He Henrotay, a 37-year-old soldier from Helchteren. He is very athletic, and very helpful, though, is the question of whether or not that disadvantage could come into play. He had a lot of trouble with the rekenproef, but He got further, relatively trouble-free in the last decade.

Racing Vermeylen (50), a warehouse manager, and hobbybrouwer from Izegem. He is a man of many parts, but it had been a few times, just for the Season. The IKEA chair, put it together, blow bubbles, and walked on stilts, he knew, but just to avoid that.