Kat Kerkhofs, in Dancing With The Stars.

2c4cba175f8fd635b5fd8fe3afe0927d - Kat Kerkhofs, in Dancing With The Stars.

Perhaps, in the beginning of October, the start of the second season of “Dancing With The Stars” at FOUR years old. Last year did the program on Friday night a lot of viewers to the FOUR to them, and that it will probably not be any different. Most likely, the ratings are still higher for the poor, and often we demand the intervention of Jack Kazaltzis, this will be the season to be filled out by the Cat, Kerkhofs. The cat, who was second in the first season of “Dancing With The Stars”, so a position switch with a Jack Kazaltzis. Those who had previously let it be known that he preferred to be in the program wanted to take part in as a dancer. And the FOUR are going to take pleasure in in his desired. Kat Kerkhofs will be starting in October so be on the side of the Gert Verhulst in ‘Dancing With The Stars ” and it was really off. “For the present it will be more of a challenge than it is to dance,” says the Cat is in The News. “The viewers do not expect that you, as the candidate is professional and can dance to it. Mistakes you will be forgiven. For the present it must be the right boenk at it. So, yes, I do have to stress, because it’s live,” said Kat Kerkhofs. But this is, of course, but worth noting that, in addition to the experienced Gert Verhulst is allowed to stand, although they, too, should be on the look out for the often-funny and Gert Verhulst. “I’m flattered that I’m next to Jones is allowed to stand. We get along great, so I don’t feel intimidated. The interaction between us, they loved it last year and it was very good. We will be able to properly interact with each other”, says the Cat is in The News. In a local Newspaper, told the Cat that she and her new job is a challenge. “Be sure to sit next to someone like Gert Verhulst. But at the same time, I think it’s pretty cool as well. As a little girl, I wanted to already show it. My father was a behind-the-scenes of a tv, and I often went with them. On the tv, I used to be Ten, To See it, then I did the presentation at home for my family. Shows galakledij: I have found it to be the ” max.”, sounds like it to continue. The cat will enjoy the next few weeks in which a holiday (with her husband, He Will), and then later on with the preparations. The cat is, in fact, the ability to be even better this year. We even have a Dutch coach, will be proposed. “The Dutch know how to approach it, they are there, have a feel for the show, it’s his right to pick up,” laughs Kat. Actually, they’re kind of like a Cat, but that is now on the screen. Nevertheless, it wants to be a Cat, especially of themselves, and spontaneously come across to the viewers. If the contestant knows the Cat and, furthermore, that her actions do not have the time and the point should have been. “If you’re a candidate for the jury is, you’re full of adrenaline, and you will want to be as fast as possible and you gain points. In clichévragen do you really do not need”, says the Cat in The Newspaper. And then, we are mainly curious about the clichévragen the Cat, then the participants are going to make it, that we know of, starting in October.