Family-sex marriage is turning out to be a damp squib

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It was one of the most special days of their lives must be. On Friday, the 14th of June, the wedding of Emma (Bab Buelens), and William Vincent Banic) in the Family of a damp squib. William fell abruptly from his cloud, and when Emma, in the morning, their company had disappeared turned out to be. Also of their children, Mila and Milou was no trace of him any more. Family of tv viewers saw in the past weeks, how, Emma, and her great love, betrayed by Jake, the biological father of Mila. She was also a gut-wrenching choice. The future seemed to be with William, but on Friday she came up at the last minute, and they gave it to the supplications of Luke to join him and the girls to a new life. The family moved from the airport to and from Africa, and had William stared back. What are the consequences of Emma’s decision will be, and how William reacts to this, will be in the next few weeks to clear it in the Family. In the race for the exciting season finale on Friday, June 28, will be used.

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