Danira Boukhriss replaces Lieven Van Gils

864e0e945ad1244a5e35cd68a478060d - Danira Boukhriss replaces Lieven Van Gils

According to The Latest News, it will Danira Boukhriss, starting in the fall, One has to see with her own talk show. Danira Boukhriss will be The fashion fair is to be. The 28-year-old Danira Boukhriss Terkessdis has a different program, One must present it. Along with Kobe Ilsen played it in the ‘About Food’ and from may to september we will see her in a new program that will be semi-live on tv-will come to pass. A little over a month ago, The fashion fair say goodbye to ‘fashion fair, And Guests, with the VRT as they were at that time already working on a sequel. It was not easy, that’s all. Anyone who has the qualities to be a strong program, and is probably available on a daily basis? Danira was one of them, and they will be given the honour of starting this fall, the new program is going to make. The bar is set high, it looked about a half a million people go to The fashion fair. Danira must be at least as good, but it also boenk at it. Viewers are more discerning than ever, and the hooks quickly, all for a program them to not like it. Examples abound of programs that have one or two of the broadcasts, their ratings and market share, saw plunging. And so they are on the Bd. in Brussels, nothing is left to chance. It will be in the next few months of hard work to be done in the program. The new show should be cool, and the spectators in the wake of the news, keep. According to The Latest News, like the makers of broad topics to talk about. By Danira, have they already compared with a lot of knowledge. Danira has worked a long time on where the report is ignored by the public broadcasting service, and let’s not forget that a few years ago, almost to The Smartest Man In the World. Only Tom Waes is just that bit smarter. In addition, Danira also have a strong sense of humour and at the same time, too sharp, out of the corner. Danira, everything seems to be on her talk show a success. Now that we have the topics, praatgasten that you need to know, and the viewers.