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Binance News: own stock for US customers to come

Home News Binance News: own stock for US customers to come

Matthias Nemack –

Binance announced today, US customers from the normal platform to be excluded. In luck: There will soon be a trading market for the customers.

From July Binance for US traders is inaccessible

To be truly comprehensive active the renowned Bitcoin exchange Binance was rather not on the American market. As due to the operator called in the past, like a mantra, especially the strict legal requirements by the competent regulatory authorities. American citizens could, but nevertheless, on the platform with Coins such as Ether, XRP, Litecoin and all other Altcoins trading. Thus, it will be for the time being, as of today, over. Because US traders are for the time being, can crypto-currencies to buy and sell. Here, however, shows once again how close the positive and negative messages on the crypto market are to each other. First of all, there is, without question, a restriction for customers in the United States. From the 01.07.2019 the crypto stock exchange, U.S. investors will grant no more access to the current Version of their trading platform. Recently, the stock exchange had announced the exclusion of several countries on Binance DEX.

New stock exchange binance.the us should quickly start

But the company, which is one of the leading providers in the global market is well-known: Soon to be a separate stock exchange will be opened for this target group. The announcement sounds promising. It is supposed to be a “tailor-made” stock exchange, which provides explicitly the US market with a trade offer. Of course, taking into account the current legal situation. In fact, it would have been quite surprising, would have Binance waived permanently on the customers in the United States. After all, the local market is one of the world’s most important ever. Even today, almost every seventh Binance home-User in the United States. The statement, the new exchange should soon start, will be to the affected user. An accurate statement for the start date would have been the July locked dealers still prefer. When is released, is unfortunately still. Known, however, is who should draw as a Partner responsible for its operation.

Less selection than before for buyers from the USA

This is the provider BAM Trading Services Inc should. be. The target group of customers in North America are in the first place, as the Binance Management informs on the stock exchanges page. The focus should be – at least for the First “Mainstream Coins”. The US platform will thus be something like the stripped-down Version of the previous trading on the stock exchange. This decision regarding the next game period, the operators declared with the current interests of the US customers. You focus the data collection, especially in the most well-known currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. How much of the Binance available more than 100 Cryptocurrencies listed crypto-currencies will remain, and not the company.

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