At home, viewers like fake Stan, like

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In the daily meeting with the Home One will remain incredibly popular as ever. Not be less than 1 million loyal viewers, with peaks of up to almost 1.5 million, it’s very exciting and it’s like a season finale. The final comes at the end of June again.
The Thuisfans have been eagerly counting down because the season finale will be a thrilling conclusion to know about. Some of them know, in the meantime, though, more, they have had over the last few days of the new Thuisboek to read. In the meantime, the seventh Thuisboek, the characters of Stan, and for many Years a central. There are floating a lot of questions and mysteries surrounding their relationship, the way they think and do. In Again, there is more than just a tip of the iceberg. It will give you more details about what happened in the past few months, all has been done. Stan is also a problem, as all fans will agree on that. Stan has his mom beat him up, he was a son of a bitch that you know you are not at home or not. Most of all, to see to the viewers of it in the future versions. “That’s crapuul ne Stan, may finally disappear, to hear” we read in the facebook group from Home Supporters. “There could be more solutions that can be done ! I look very much like it but with Stan, it starts on my hips, and to work with, ‘ says one of the other loyal viewers. One thing is for sure, there are still a number of surprising new evidence in the Home. Many people fear that Stan, during the season’s final will strike again and fear the worst.