Viral hit for Wim Soutaer

407084b8bc59203c820162e100c90930 - Viral hit for Wim Soutaer

‘Et ça Bouge, oui ça bouge… always go on…’ to an appropriate piece of text) of Wim Soutaer’s latest single. The lead singer of the mega-hit ” it’s All, it’s been more than 16 years as a professional in the Flemish music scene and is still one of the very graaggeziene a guest on a lot of platforms, whether it’s with or without his Soulbrother compaan Charles, centre, is.
Last year, Wim, and after quite a few years back with a new solo album, “Connected,” and in addition to the numerous hit singles, such as “Number 1” And “Wait for Margot,” and ” Take Me By The Hand,’ that this album of him is already a high level of activity, there was an on-the-top, “the musical jam” on the track listing… ‘, Et ça bouge’! Never been a better time for the upcoming summer, this song is for the days to come… ça bouge, yes, yes, ensure that everyone is on the move and won’t sit still!