US military presence in Poland, in

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Poland has agreed to build up to 1,000 of the Us troops, the Us president, Donald Trump has been announced. “The Polish government shall be willing to pay for,” says He, during a joint press conference with the Polish president, Andrzej Duda. He and Duda signed on Wednesday a joint declaration for cooperation on defence.

The Polish president said that the united states ‘ military presence in the country will be stepped up. There are currently more than 4500 American troops are stationed in the country, according to Duda. He had previously said that he wants to get to 2,000 additional troops to the country, to move to other European countries, but it was also pointed out that there is still no final decision had been made. In poland, sees the mission as a way for Russia to turn away.

In poland, it will be also for 32 F-35 aircraft purchase, according to Home in the Rose garden of the White House. Earlier, he, along with Duda and the F-35 is the top of the White House, a demonstration flight was performed. The two countries were two of the new energieakkoorden, to which Poland is a more American-style gas will be purchased.

‘Germany for protection against Russia

During the encounter, with Duda and prior to the press conference, did He also mention that he is considering the Us sanctions, to build, to stop the Nord Stream, 2-the gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. ‘We are protecting Germany against Russia, and Russia will get the billions and billions of dollars from Germany,’ said He. He said he was not in the sanctions to. He also said that he and Russian president Vladimir Putin will meet at the g-20 summit in Australia.