Nick Beernaert, when N!CC’s new single

0852216cdf75be71a1faacdc0423c8ad - Nick Beernaert, when N!CC's new single

With the release of his latest single, “Addicted to you” – that is, the image of the North!ME to be a very versatile, bright-eyed and feisty singer is confirmed. He is crawling with ease in the role of Bono in the Belgian U2 tribute band, “U2be – The Belgian U2 Experience,” and as the front man for the live bands of the “F-RUN” (up) and A glass full of Crazyness” (party band), no genre is out of the way. Also in the Dutch part of the genre, with full devotion and enthusiasm of his audience to entertain them.

In “Addicted to you” shows that Nick is the right tone of voice and pace of this warm-sounding music. From the very first notes, the first and sizes, you can feel the nice vibes. Listen and let yourself get lost in the rhythm, experience the love of the dance, while the catchy chorus sing along. The realization of the “Hooked on you” as well as other upcoming songs will come from a wide variety of ‘S!CC-’ a ‘ team. Nick is working with a Canadian producer and have a Belgian co-producer.