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Newsflash: Bitcoin on the way to$ 10,000? Coinbase-map is driving adaptation

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Newsflash: Bitcoin on the way to$ 10,000? Coinbase-map is driving adaptation

Home News Newsflash: Bitcoin on the way to$ 10,000? Coinbase-map is driving adaptation

Marcel Knobloch –

Bitcoin shows within the last 7 days, once again very volatile. The yesterday’s rise above $ 8,000 for points, according to a prominent analyst that Bitcoin is on the way to 10,000 USD. At the time of writing (10:00) is the price of Bitcoin just 8.131,88 USD. Nicholas Merten (also known as DataDash) takes in a new Video that BTC “can be very crack probably,” the 10,000 USD mark, if the crypto-currency may rise above the resistance of 8,400 USD. Merten warns, however, that the bulls are not yet “come out of the woods” and the trading volume of the key is translated (freely):

You don’t want to see a little bit of this price gain is not too significant, but at the same time with little to no volume shows that buyers who bought at these levels, sell. There is too much buying pressure, and there is room for the price to continue. And I think you could say that this is not the case here.

The Problem I see here is that the price is increased in this case and there is not much serious volume on the buyer side. I’m afraid that if we close, if you get through a further this day, under these levels, with 7400 USD and then really in the no man’s land, where there is not much Serious Support areas outside of the major markets are at 6,000 US dollars.

Coinbase crypto-Debit-card launches in Six countries

The Coinbase card is introduced in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the low long. The money card will support common digital Assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and allows buyers, crypto-cash to the cashier and online to spend anywhere where Visa is accepted. In addition, the user of the card, BTC, ETH, LTC and other Kryptos in euros, convert it and then bar at the checkout can pay.

Originally, the card was introduced in April in the UK and enabled the buyers to the purchase of everyday things, from food to coffee. The card has also the following additional functions:

  • The mobile App is directly synced with the Coinbase account
  • Physical contactless card
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs

Coinbase is always innovative and tries to has always been the simplification of the purchase and the issue of crypto forward. With now over 20 million users, Coinbase has grown to become the largest Bitcoin exchange in the US. According to a report from CNBC, Coinbase plans to offer on other areas. According to Zeeshan Feroz, CEO of Coinbase UK, met with the Giveaway of 1,000 free tickets to a “huge demand” (freely translated):

Will be checking in all the important markets, including the United States.

The Coinbase card is part of similar products, such as, Wirex and Simplex, which is designed to bring crypto into the Mainstream, and to strengthen decisively the adaptation and the trust in crypto currencies. With Wirex users for coffee and cake in the bakery can pay around the corner. Even if these “small” progress seem insignificant, and many crypto-enthusiasts only have the course in mind, these developments contribute significantly to the spread of Bitcoin and co. in our everyday life. These things will bear more and more influence of digital Assets in our lives.

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