Gers Pardoel headline on the 7th-The Day Before Tomorrow

206a3c82b2031af999ecbbfa72c5c4a2 - Gers Pardoel headline on the 7th-The Day Before Tomorrow

By Gers Pardoel, The Day Before Tomorrow-the dream headline-size issues. July 18, blow, the unique open-air festival once again gathered in the beautiful Park of Brasschaat. And that’s been it for the 7th time. Spread over 4 stages including a Silent Disco late in The Day Before Tomorrow, has more than 25 djs and musicians rock. Among them some of the most popular hitsensaties, such as the Dutch release of Bizzey, the most Popular Rob x Because It Can be System of the program, Boitlyfe on Studio Brussels, and famous faces such as Kobe Ilsen us, We Verhulst complemented by a wide range of local talent. Tickets présale to all of this costs only 20 euros.

With Bizzey, but it is especially so, with the Investors Party may, TDBT, just as in previous years, a Lil’ Small, Kraantje Pappie, Sevn ‘Patsergedrag’ Alias,…) is named for one of the largest hitsensaties of our Neighbors. Gers Pardoel scored in the charts with songs such as ‘Broodje Bakpao’, ‘roof Rack’, ‘I’ll take you to the city of London or in Paris), and ‘Louise’. In addition, he is no longer on the Belgian and Dutch television, which increased its popularity considerably, the height can be pushed. “We are expecting a lot of action from the Gers, Pardoel,” said Marc Reijntjes-of-The-Day-Before-Tomorrow. “This is for a TDBT is truly the perfect act. And not just for the young people. Citizens will get his hits, without any kind of problem in the park, singing and movement. We will continue to be, with a lot of great and original names, it’s a very, very wide audience, and with tickets at€ 20 for tickets in advance, we keep it all very accessible in terms of price.”