Ertebrekers to come to Pukkelpop

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Also, what is the special collaboration is Coming to the festival, pre-eminently if you are to be a surprise (or two or three) to hold. No, there are more than enough. The Marquee Opening will not only be continued, but this edition is further enhanced with the o for a while.a. Ertebrekers 80s Extravaganza.
Mauro Pawlowski is a new project, and there were still five more artists added to the line-up.

On Friday, the 16th of August, you can Inhale it, the band’s nineteen-year-old, Elijah Hewson, son of U2 frontman Bono. They are out to prove that there is a lot more to Inhale, it is then just a son. Their first single, ” My Honest Face, was already a very high acceptance in the market.
The top of the list feestanthems has been a long time but are Pumping of Nederhopper Kraantje Pappie is definitely in the top three. Two years ago, he was already Coming, and now is the entrance to the la-EN-hip-hop-the crane are back for more “Love is in the air”.
His fellow Eefje de Visser will be on Friday, August 16th, the party will, for the first time at Pukkelpop. Furthermore, to add on Friday: Prospa, young, razendpopulaire dj/producers from Leeds.

If you’re a fan of hazy hip-hop and smooth R&B, and you need to be Saturday to Barny Fletcher building you will be happy with a grease party, then we can have a dj Ilse Liebens from the train station. Just make sure you have Sunday, you still have enough energy left for the one-and-only Michael has to Save.

The idea is to do something with classical music, and to do so in Coming was to last year’s form, with the Marquee Opening; and an accessible musical programs about contemporary classical composers, curated by the belgian Crossbones Trombone Collective, and renowned pianist and composer Jef Neve. With up to 25 musicians on stage, including the absolutely stunning young soprano, Hanne Roos, an old music and have a jam-packed full of Marquee-tent of all the clichés surrounding traditional music, facon, rock’n’roll countered. On Friday, the 16th of August, in the Marquee will be officially opened by The Marquee Orchestra, in the meantime, dertigkoppig orchestra-o for a while.l.d. Jef Neve Trio. Hanne Roos and Crossbones Trombone Collective and make a re-appearance, Pulse Percussion Trio has been added to the already impressive line-up. In the program state.a. the music of Grieg, Dvorak, Esenvalds & Neve.

On Saturday the 17th of August and they have already been announced in Brass By the brass band and played by protest songs, and hip-hop anthems in their own place. Whether it’s songs of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest Kendrick Lamar, and the ladies and gentlemen of the Brass ” By blowing easily a new lease of life.