Comings and goings at the VRT, Rino Ver Eecke, to Radio, To 2, Oct a Flop at Radio 1

2ef2f13877cb87fc27b2099abea7a631 - Comings and goings at the VRT, Rino Ver Eecke, to Radio, To 2, Oct a Flop at Radio 1

Jan is very disappointing, which is currently nethoofd on Radio 2, starting in October, the management at Radio 1 for her. Jan, will replace Philippe Pletinckx, which is in march, and decided, after almost 6 years of Radio 1, to work as a talentcoach on VRT Radio. Rino Ver Eecke, the new nethoofd on Radio 2. CHARITY, the jongerenradio where the Rino is now the head of state will be guided by the On Gulickx, it is now aanbodverantwoordelijke with the result.

Els Van de Sijpe, manager of VRT Radio: “We have been looking a lot of pistes to be explored and we have been in the talent in-house. The five radiomerken are currently being used as a home. It’s nice to be at this moment in time, the talent, the VRT is a new opportunity. John, Rino, and On every single one of the people with a heart for inspiring and connecting the radio. And, at the same time, they will be in touch with the changing use of the media, and the digitization of the radio is so much more possibilities. Together with Chantal Pattyn (Klara), Jan Van Biesen (Studio Brussel), they are a dream-team.”

Els Van de Sijpe has the new nethoofden to be on her team for that. “Jan is very disappointing over the last few years, Radio 2, with a lot of care and success in developing a very strong radio brand. He did so through strategic thinking, combined with skill. In addition, he has an organization, on Radio 2, and the regions in which cooperation with VRT in the NWS and in other departments, it is important”.

“Under the leadership of the Rino Ver Eecke is a CHARITY and has grown to become the biggest youth radio station in Flanders, where a large, vibrant CHARITY community in the all the digital present. Rino and his team have a strong content of the story is written with a different news show on radio, and digital in co-operation with the VRT NWS), and the action as the biggest names the School, or Marathonradio that is currently under way and is blocking the students in a cheer again. As a producer, pur sang, is a Rino also, a familiar face at Radio 2, where he has worked as a presenter, producer and manager.”