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Youri Tielemans: “those Who are against us in game, just to

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The Red Devils have had a lot of difficulty to get the Scottish wall to be demolished, but the results were thanks to Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne will still be three times. What were the Demons of their last game of the season?

Courtois: ‘Eden’? That is never busy

With a clear round, with a twelve on twelve, and for the third year in a row, and the zero-bound. A person would have to be less happy. ‘Mission accomplished’, and smiled, Thibaut Courtois, after the 3-0 against Scotland. “Just like against Kazakhstan, and scored three times. It’s not always easy to go against a defensive set of opponents to remain focused. However, we were not surprised, and in this last and final international game of the season, we had a good balance.’ The Spanish journalists had the opportunity to not miss out around the inevitable topic Eden-Hazard-to be cut. ‘Of Eden is nervous? The Eden? That is never crowded. He will on Thursday for the performance at the stadium of the Real Madrid thing to do. The Eden forces are the most respected in a way. I am convinced that he is just like Chelsa is ready to take a leading role to play. I’m just waiting for him to help him. Our coach Zinedine Zidane speaks French. One advantage (smiles).’ Courtois need to compete with Keylor Navas. “As far as the trainer, you will have to decide, I don’t know. I’m preparing myself for it like any time of year. Hard work is the order.’

Williams: “those Who are against us in game, just to

For Youri Tielemans, it was a new move under Roberto Martinez. “We have the quiet game. We made it two goals in two matches, so that’s a positive. Or are we just slow down a bit to want to do that? Those who are against us in playing, you must be in. We will always do our best for it. When you start to know the opponent that it will be difficult. We try to be: every game has to be concentrated, and then, as quickly as possible and finish it. That is, it is in a positive state of mind to have a go. My team for next year? The first holiday, and then we will have to wait and see.’

Also, Lukaku is mysterious

Romelu Lukaku then scored again two times for the national team. “Nice to be in a squad to play with, and we are getting better and better,” says he. “It has been a pleasure. The atmosphere is nice as well. Wherever I go on vacation? For someone that nobody else knows (laughs). I’m going to quietly think about the next step in my career. To where to get it? You can’t help but see it.’

Axel Witsel: “We are much more than in Russia

Axel Witsel was business as usual in the midfield, and was a child of the Scottish society.

Three points, job done”, said the midfielder. “We knew in advance that Scotland has a strong block, and at once began to make the necessary respect for them as well. Gradually, they became more and more tired, and the 1-0 and fell just before the break on a good time.’

12, on 12, the Red Devils well on course for this year’s European Championship.

“The atmosphere in the group is top notch, and everyone will want his jersey to get it wet enough to each other, and we have won twice convincingly. We are more than a year ago in Russia.’