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US gets the criticism for the disgrace of Thailand, ” Would be a mannenteam get the same questions?’

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The American player celebrated their goal much more convenient, but their Thai opponents in tears. The team of the USA criticism to their 13-0 victory in the world cup.

It was a whopping 13-0. Have never won a team with a score of a match at the world cup. In the first half, was the winner 3-0 for them. The U.s. players kept the pressure high. In the second half, scoring four goals in ten minutes to take in the last of sixteen minutes and six times in scoring.

On social media, was very athletic for an opponent to throw down. The former U.s. international Taylor Twellman was the time of the celebrations of the goals of it. ‘Goal four, like the number nine, please leave a sour after-taste after, tweette him. ‘Curious to see if anyone is going to apologise.’

The Fox sports reporter Rob Stone was criticised. “At a certain moment in time, it was embarrassing to say the least. It was just a schietoefening. Do you know what I want to do it? Content the ball out for a wager.’


His cocommentator Alexi Lalas, a former international, said it. “It’s not their problem, that they can take a weak team to play with. The Us team is not there to make friends. The team wants to be the world cup win. In every game, they want to be as far as possible, to score goals.’

U.s. coach Jill Ellis will defend her to the team. According to her, it would be a little respectful to the opponent, to conserve power in spite of a great leader. ‘Respect is to show you when the going gets tough is to play against them, ” she said to the press. “It’s a tournament where goal difference is a factor. As a coach, it’s not my job to put my players in the space. I have a respect for Russia. They have their head down. This is a part of the process.’

She wondered if the men at 10-0 in the world cup, the same question would get.

Also, ex-international and his wife, Abby Wambach defends ex-members of the team. For anyone who is having problems with many of the goals for some player’s it’s their first goal in the world cup, and they would be excited to have it.’

She will take the criticism sexist. “Would you mannenteam means not to score, or to celebrate?’

The Red Flames

The Red Flames that the world cup will not have taken, were, moreover, at the beginning of this month, in a practice game against Australia. They won the match convincingly 6-1. Against the united states may lose its Red Flames, most recently, with the 6-0.