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Ubisoft will soon be games on the Ethereum Blockchain post?

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Ubisoft will soon be games on the Ethereum Blockchain post?

Home News Ubisoft Will promptly games on the Ethereum Blockchain post?

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Ubisoft is one of the largest video game companies in the world. Well-known games, for example Assassins Creed, Far Cry or Just Dance are. According to the news outlet, “Les Echos” developing Ubisoft features for the latest games on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Les Echos explains that the development team at Ubisoft in an already advanced stage for the creation of a Blockchain-based market place for In-Game items, which allows users to buy Goods with the help of the Blockchain and crypto-Assets, such as Ethereum. The report also points out that Ethereum offers all the possibilities of the Ubisoft for the further development needed (freely translated):

The idea is to give, the in video play available items (accessories) a digital existence in the Blockchain to. Content that monetize Publisher. Ubisoft is considering to work on the Ethereum Blockchain, which allows for the operation of this type of Operation.

The idea to develop a marketplace for In-Game items on top of the Blockchain, is not new and dates back to the year 2017. There are already several start-UPS that have taken up this idea and a developer, and the marathon started. So Ubisoft started the end of 2018, with the exploration of the potential of the Blockchain technology. In the middle of last year, hosted Ubisoft a Blockchain-Hackathon called the Blockchain Heroes. In this case, the Strategic Innovation Lab, Ubisoft created a prototype of a Blockchain-game. Anne Puck, Associate Manager of the Blockchain Initiative at Ubisoft, in an interview with VentureBeat that it is translated by “crucial,” is an Innovator in this area too (free):

We at Ubisoft are of the opinion that it is crucial to do pioneering work in terms of the way in the player of the benefits of the Blockchain can benefit. We believe that the Blockchain has the potential to change the game experience, and even involve players as real stakeholders in their worlds. Therefore, it is our task to accelerate the Integration of the Blockchain with Ubisoft with this Initiative.

According to Puck, the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot is excited about the Blockchain technology and it’s called a “potential Revolution for the video game industry of the future”. However, it remains to be seen whether the current capacity of Ethereum can process a large number of active users. The Open-Source developer communities are working hard on the further development of the scaling solutions. The companies believe that both On-Chain and as a Second-Layer capacity is being extended. Ubisoft don’t plan Blockchain to start applications in the short term, as in France, continued regulatory uncertainty (freely translated):

Ubisoft is currently considering this project, and no timetable has been set. The group considers that the French legislation must be for the Blockchain to be clarified.

In view of the approach of the G20 for a standardized legal framework and the introduction of strategies to promote innovation in the crypto sector, the hope is that France and the Rest of the Eurozone to adopt favorable legislation. In April encourage France, the EU, the crypto-regulator, Bruno Le Maire proposed regulatory framework (freely translated):

I will propose to my European partners a single legal framework for crypto-Assets to set-up, inspired by the French experience. Our model is the right one.

In France, however, the proposed crypto-law is passed, remain in large companies such as Ubisoft cautious and wait for the approval of the Supervisory authorities.

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