Today, With Four In the Bed

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On Tuesday it was because of the number of the game of football from the Red Devils, against Scotland, With Four In the Bed, on Wednesday I would have.
At Oudenburg, one of the most peaceful places in the region, and floats the second destination of the week: B&B a dream boat. This floating B&B by the pair, Lorenzo and Peter, is composed of 4 rooms, which are sleek, are designed. In spite of the spacious, modern and comfortable to stay prevalent, it’s still “in the kajuitgevoel” there are so many windows that look out onto the water. Water-lovers can enjoy a visit to the B&B dream boat, because the boat is in a swimming pool. And also garden, you have come to the right place: they will be able to make use of the 2 boats was on-board for a drink. Lorenzo and Peter, were always attracted to water and they were in the past, plenty of water, and got married and even on a boat. In the water, it is the only place where we can relax”, or so they say.

Four In a Bed this evening at 21.10 hours on tv.