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The Yellow Tigers to make the original selection will still be exciting,, Germany

a228084bb86dad50d197a06e9ea10f5f - The Yellow Tigers to make the original selection will still be exciting,, Germany

The Belgian volleyvrouwen come on Wednesday for their eleventh match in the Nations League will not be able to win. The ” Yellow Tigers (FIVB for 19) lost to Stuttgart, Germany (FIVB 15), 3-1. The match results were 25-21, 25-23, 24-26, and 25-16.

The proposed preserve has long been in the bag, was a coach Girl, The Pants are in germany, with a wide selection, without the Ilka Van de Vyver, both (knee), Herbots, Grobelna, and Of the Constitution – against the clock, so that the other pieces have had a chance to get itself fully into the fight to throw out at this level. After a slow start (11-4, 19-11) stronger that a lot of will-power in the game, all of the remonte too late to have a chance to win setwinst. In the second turn, took the Yellow Tigers, the Germans, and at 14-14, but it was an acceleration of them to be of the essence of how stubborn they continued to fight it. At the end of the set at 23-23 and even proved to be very exciting, but, nevertheless, the home team has the last word.

After that, went to the Belgian and the engine to sputter (11-4, 18-11). The books add up to? Not with this team. That is, it does not beende-the wretched Germans, in order that, even in the setwinst have to try to obtain. An incredible remonte. Yet another stunt from a 18-10 – managed in the fourth set, unfortunately, so they were also a little less pleasant to the numbers on the scoreboard came up.

On Thursday, take the Yellow Tigers, the parting of Stuttgart in a game against the Dominican Republic, which is one of the three “challengers” in the Nations-League.

Match results: 25-21, 25-23, 24-26, 25-16

Belgium: From Sas-2, Goliath, 15, Guilliams 12, Strumilo 8, Johnson 11, Sobolska 4), and libero: Valkenborg. Came in: J. Van de Vyver, both