The new single of Tom and Tamara

969cb1bbf022f130c22cca12070002d3 - The new single of Tom and Tamara

Summer’s joy is in the square, such as the who, Tom, and We will make the best of people. The couple has with the South, and draws on their love of the sun and engage in a new single: ‘Viva l’amore’. Their shared love of music, as well as for the South, and brought Tom a, and We clung together. Dr. Amore’, ‘Per Sempre’ and ‘Una Vita Con Te ” are just a few of the songs, which makes it easy to dream of a sun-drenched holiday in the South. On the release of their debut album ‘Passion’, that is, in 2016, came out and are quite a bit more Southern-tinged duets. “In one way or another, to conjure up the Sunny sounds always put a smile on your face,” says Tamara. “And not only for us but also for our fans to works that are animated to show a smile, in his hand,” takes Tom to her.

The inspiration for the new single was the duo’s extensive catalogue of the Italian eurovision winner Gigliola Cinquetti. “The songs of Gigliola Cinquetti, which contain the perfect combination of everything that the summer represents. And even though she’s quite a happy song, which was the thing to do for our new single soon,” says Tamara. “We have opted for the “Gira l’amore”, a song from 1972. In the song, it gives Cinquetti, the beauty, the love, the life of a summer tune with a flourish, You beat. That should be our thing,” adds Tom to her. And so it popped up with the duo in the studio of the Dutch producer, Laurens Van Wessel, known for his work with, among others, Bauer. Their tekstcompagnon the road, Sabien Tiels, the Southern bottom of the appropriate text, and called ‘Gira l’Amore,’ in order to ‘Viva L’amore’.