The federal police are spread opsporingsbericht in Australia has disappeared But Hayez

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The photos circulated on the request of the Federal public prosecutor’s office

The Belgian federal police on Friday, an opsporingsbericht spread for the 18-year-old Belgian, But Hayez. This was at the request of the federal public prosecutor’s office, and in collaboration with childfocus established.

The police and the Belgian and Australian researchers, and has been looking for anyone that was in the days before his disappearance, by Hayez, has implemented ‘in any way’.

Rather, the audience was asked to view pictures that were taken on the night of the disappearance to the police. It has also been looking for a drone. According to the researchers, it is all of the information that is relevant to this alarming ‘ disappearance.

He Hayez came from Overijse, and was last seen on the night of the 31st of may to 1st of June. He was then in a nightclub in Byron Bay, in the state of New-South-Wales in the far east of Russia. Inspector Kehoe said that, Hayez, since his disappearance, not a single financial transaction or activity has been carried out. In the early hours of the morning of June 1, he’s been active on WhatsApp, but since then his phone is down. Hayez came out at the end of last year in Australia and it would be out this week to return to canada.

Investigators ask that anyone who was in contact with, But Hayez them a call at the toll-free number 0800/30300, or by childfocus established, at the number 116000. It can also be testified by the following e-mail address The Belgian embassy in the Australian capital city of Canberra is in close contact with the local police in Byron Bay.

Click here to view the opsporingsbericht on the website of the belgian federal police.