The european liberal group has been renamed to Renew Europe

f3d243a87c16a62fc83d5f4e5f61c76c - The european liberal group has been renamed to Renew Europe

The party, Emmanuel Macron, and the European liberal democrats have a name for the new group in the European Parliament to Renew Europe”.

The liberal group in the European Parliament in the next session, inter alia, complemented by the elected members of the La District And in the Marche of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. And that called for a new name.

In addition to Renew, Europe, tiers, according to Politico , three other options are on the table-The Europeans, of Europe as a Forward, and something with the word “Europe”.

Renew, Europe will make up the third largest group in the parliament to form, after the christian democratic European people’s Party (EPP) and the social democratic S&D with the cooperation of the parties of the Macron to grow, with the European political issues from a 68 to a temporary of the 110 seats.

During the first session of the new parliament, from 2 to 4 July in Strasbourg, the program will run from the charge station, Europe was officially introduced.

Outgoing leader Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD) is displayed in a tweet will certainly be delighted with the new name. “We are stronger than ever, and have created a unique opportunity for Europe to shape up. There is a lot of work for us to do. We have been inspired to build a free and fair Europe, ” he writes.

On the web site of Renew-Europe, it is stated that the group has been up against populism and nationalism will be replayed. The following week, on Wednesday, the 19th of July, which chooses the fraction of its new chairman and ceo.