The australian police have used a drone in the search for a Belgian

5289a86e3891559b71b141e9d2328698 - The australian police have used a drone in the search for a Belgian

The police in Byron’s turn on Wednesday, as the hunt continues for Theo, Hayez, the 18-year-old Belgian, who since the end of may and went missing in Australia. You will also have to be searched for with the help of a drone, as announced by the police. They are asking the public for images taken on the night of the disappearance, to make.

“We have Theo, unfortunately, is not able to locate it, but we will continue to search,” said inspector Matt Kehoe, who is in the search results. On Wednesday, a specialized droneploeg used.

“We are always on the look out for footage from the security cameras and dashcams” that are shot have been between the 31st of may at 23: 00 and the 1st of June at 04.00 hours, it sounds like it’s still there.

The swede was last seen when he left a nightclub in Byron Bay, and left. Since then, there was no sign of life. According to the police department from surveillance video revealed that Theo’s did indeed intend to go back to the hostel where he was staying, as confirmed in a family member of the RTL. “There must be something, made his way, as if he had been voortgestapt, he would be there at around 23: 30 hours in a row,” commented a friend of the missing on the Australian news agency AAP.


Theo Hayez came out at the end of last year in Australia on a work visa, and would this week return to canada.

The Belgian embassy in Canberra is in close contact with the local police in Byron Bay, a popular seaside resort on the east coast of Australia, in the state of New South Wales.