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Telenet Giants of Antwerp is once again back in the Lotto Arena in titelfinale

22d57a81eb655b0566b2dc9ab505eb42 - Telenet Giants of Antwerp is once again back in the Lotto Arena in titelfinale

Telenet Giants of Antwerp, in the titelfinale with their backs against the wall. The second game brought in against the outgoing champion in Ostend with a second consecutive defeat. That means that each and every home game in the finals, both teams they lost to, and the kustploeg, so in this best-of-five, with a 1-2 lead at all times. Like Ostend, Thursday’s win was the eighth consecutive title, and the 20th in club history, as a matter of fact. If the Giants are once again at the heart of the lion can rejoice following the fifth and final match on Saturday in the Lotto Arena. The kustploeg has a few stats with you. In the history of the 39 years the play-offs, it was the team’s third final match, in his own name, wrote no less than 34 times on facebook. Watch out, or the 40th edition of the play-offs in that area, the confirmation takes?

The study tour was to Shevon Thompson. In the centre of Ostend, opening with two dunks, and ran at the two errors, it was replaced, and he expressed his frustration that the wegstampen of the chair and the couch, of Ostend, was not a technical error. The Giants were the biggest winners up, and then walked over to Tyler Kalinoski, the Big Freak, and a dunkende And Bako route to a 9-4 bonus.

Paris Lee with a neat basket (13-9), but the Giants were up against a sharp defense of Ostend are not careful. Paris Lee-Lee was able to make his mark, not to push, she was in the grip of the Htc Angola, and with a strong Nemanja Djurisic was the Ostend, not only the terminal, it was in the 16-17 and again on the line. For the Giants, and forced them to still be a 19-19 standings after the first half, but it was the start of the second slider, the cold is caught by the first, TJ Williams, Sinjoor, Vincent Kesteloot. Telenet Giants of Antwerp, has developed, after all, not speed, to Ostend controlled the pace, and from 20 to 25, was a first in West-Flanders sore is a fact of life. Character knokten, the Giants are back in the game. And Bako, and Paris Lee contributed to 28-27, and the intensive end of the first half gave the Big Sander with a two-vrijworpen a 33-32 Antwerp, the bonus halfway through.

Sanders is on fire

The third quarter brought a portion of physical basketball on both sides of it. Initially, both teams are hard to score a goal. But some say, Elias Lasisi put the kustploeg, at 35-38, but Vic, He was back to his momentum. By splitting the drives and a three pointer he took with his buddy Jae’Sean Tate, Telenet Giants of Antwerp, after a 40-38 after a great run and a 48-40 first of all, three of the quartz. Dave Dudzinski clean the slotschuifje immediately, with a maximum of 54-44 bonus. Dusan Djordjevic was with a nose bleed at Ostend, and TJ, Williams was back on the floor.

The Giants have lacked, however, will re-open shots, and more three pointer by Vincent Kesteloot was the kustploeg at 55-52 with the connection. At 44 seconds, and managed to have that same Vincent Kesteloot’s 57-56. Fifteen seconds and managed by a bomb, and got to Ostend, and after a 3 to 15 between as once again in the lead. The Giants had to hold up the kustploeg all the way from the start and gave them a winning situation all the way off. It had to Oostende will not need to have a thrilling end, and through the giant, Vincent Kesteloot, the victory will be achieved.

Telenet Giants Of Antwerp, Ostend, 57-60

Telenet Giant Of Antwerp: Akyazili 3, Lee 4, And Tate, 8, Vanwijn 5, He 16, The Blades 0, And Bako 9, Dudzinski 4, Kalinoski 5, Kingsley 3

Ostend: TJ Williams, 5, Lasisi 2, Schwartz 0, Mwema 0, united kingdom 8, Desiron 0, Djordjevic 4, Thompson 10, Kesteloot 18, Fieler 5, Djurisic 8

Quartz: 19-19, 14-13, 15-8, 9-20

The program-final play-offs (best-of-five):

On Thursday, June 13, 20.30-Ostend, Telenet Giant of Antwerp

On the 15th of June: 20.30-Telenet Giants royal Antwerp-Oostende (if applicable)

Already played it

Telenet Giants Of Antwerp, Ostend, 67-73

Ostend, Telenet Giants Of Antwerp, 61-66