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Scottish newspapers, under the impression of ‘brilliant’ Red Devils in Spain, and they rave about the ‘model’ Switch to

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The Scottish newspapers were, in spite of the 3-0 defeat on their country, on Tuesday in Brussels will be pleased with the performance against the Red Devils. At the same time, they were under the impression that the Belgian class, ” This is one of the contenders for next summer’s finals.’

‘The history of belgium? That was the usual collection of superstars who put it all together for a billion Pounds-worth’, is The Scottish Sunfrom the start. But the Red Devils have been in the first half, was the Scottish terrier, who, in spite of the severe testing, few errors were made in the firm organization. The number one in the world is led around by a super-fast passing and lots of movement, but for the defence of the Scots, was a strong and self-disciplined. That’s the big problem, however, was to get the ball into his own ranks to keep it.’

The quality in the Belgium, and was at times breathtaking, ” says the newspaper. “At the end of the first half of the press is to be aware of is corner after corner. It’s a great kopbaldoelpunt of Lukaku at the start of the peace was an end to the Scottish heart. After the 2-0 of Lukaku were for the Scots, is limited to damage control. Our Bravehaerts deserved heavy defeat. They got three goals, but it also brought plenty of positive elements for the future, even though it may be, we are now in the qualification for Euro 2020, it’s already in our bellies to write.”

‘Scotland, it was only 60 seconds away from the achievement for a 0-0 in the locker room to draw in the King baudouin stadium, but in a moment of carelessness decided to have a different opinion, ” writes The Herald of Scotland. “That’s what makes the difference between success and failure of a policy, especially in light of the 43 sites, between Belgium and Scotland at the world cup, and the fact that the fair market value of Belgium, is about 1 billion pounds, respectively. But at the start of the rest to hold up Eden Hazard to build on the momentum. That’s what the 90 million pounds of fair market value, and weeksalaris of up to 400,000 pounds of gain, we’ll take it.’

“But to be in this Belgian team is, there is a Hazard around every corner’, the newspaper continued. ‘To win against the best team in the world would have the punishment been if the victories against France in the qualification for Euro 2008. At the time, was enjoying the clinical manner in which the Belgians, with the space masses. Eden Hazard broke through the line and the attendant De Bruyne, who for a number of times, a great uithaalde.’

However, it was in the Herald, is also a hopeful sign: “The King baudouin stadium, which has, in the past, a graveyard for managers in Scotland, with Craig Brown as Craig Levein who is here to defeat the members of which they have never recovered. The late, low sound of De Bruyne, that meant that the match was in the history books and will go down as a 3-0 win for Belgium . However, if you are good enough looking, you could see the green shoots of the recovery of Scotland to the bottom to See that last night in Brussels we had to shoot.’

In spite of the limitations of a Scotland, it was impossible not to be under the impression that you are a great Country, according to the Daily Record. “The back trio of Vincent Kompany, Jan Vertonghen, and Toby Alderweireld was rarely in trouble, but Belgium has played this, effectively, seven of the offensive players. Axel Witsel and Youri Tielemans controlled the midfield, De Bruyne, divided the seating, the Switch will have the quick feet to each of the defenders to be scared, and Lukaku was there to score a goal.’

“There’s a reason why they are the number one brand in the world, and it is frightening to see them in full effect on the work, because there is so little defense that they can plug’, the newspaper was full of praise. “Belgium is one of the contenders for next summer’s finals, and don’t be surprised if Eden Hazard in the final at Wembley in the trophy would be lifted.’

‘Scotland’s got a hard lesson in Brussels, thus, in holland , The Scotsman to the castle. “The men, from Steve Clarke to defend themselves-with a mixture of jealousy and despair, but a moment of loss of concentration just before half-time was all that good work undone at the all-star team of Roberto Martinez. in order to register for the first time since 1998 and will continue to place a major tournament, it is not so easy for such a catastrophe.’

Spanish newspapers lyrical about the ‘top-model’ Switch to

A Real newspaper Marcahas written a glowing report about a brand new Real-player, Eden Hazard. “A spectacular Switch to led in Belgium to a new victory in the kwalificactiegroep,” she said. On galapresentatie on Thursday at the Stadium as a new player of Real Madrid, gave the Belgian show of the season to a close. The new Real player is the undisputed star of a match that he has from the beginning to the end of the story. From him came all of the hazardous nature of the actions of the Belgian team, and, of course, is the goal of the game.”

Along the right, left or through the middle, looked to Belgium to have a crack at the Scottish wall to break down. Among these efforts was the aftermath of the fake, what about spot’s, tempowissels and assists from Hazard-the magnificent’, according to the newspaper. “When he was in the Scottish defenders off balance, and had brought, and looked, and he always interacts with his teammates, particularly with Kevin De Bruyne, or sent in dangerous balls in the direction of r-rated look at Romelu Lukaku.’

“So was the first goal in a measured cross from Hazard to Lukaku’, analyses the Social. “The magnificent heel, and he’s 2-0 proceedings, it was breathtaking. During the event, continued to be the Hazard to do what he wanted to do. Eden was dominating before he got to Madrid, the travel, where the stadium and catch a game of him with the open arms will be waiting. To score, he did not, De Bruyne, however, thanks to an amazing shot. Belgium is dominated by the Scots, but I have Thibaut Courtois as a Shot in the lane, it was sent to. The rest was a monologue of Roberto Martinez’s team and it is a great Hazard.’

Also AS they were very impressed with the Switch. “He is not only the new transfer from Real Madrid, he is a man of steel. The switch does not have a negative side and that’s what makes him different. He started on the left hand side, the Scots, the pain in the middle and was dangerous on the right, and then back to its starting position for a ball into Lukaku’s head-to-paint-in in the 46th minute of the first half: 1-0. Thus, demolished in the selection of Roberto Martinez on the wall of Scotland, and after a victory achieved.’

‘The switch (three goals and two assists) also had a share in five out of the eleven goals in the Belgian kwalificatiecampagne, where she is now a gap in Group I-3 points, Russia, and 6 more than in Kazakhstan, and the isle of man’, has AS. “The numbers of a player who has his country and beyond, as it is expected in the city. But, I will only be starting from August, to know it. On Thursday, during a pre-dinner drink, where Real Madrid to look forward to, he will, for the first time in the white of Real to bear, in Madrid, during his presentation at the club of which he’s always dreamed of.’