Sandra Bekkari ruthlessly dealt with on the social media

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On Saturday morning, Sandra Bekkari was a guest in The Sacred House of Hanssen by Evi Hanssen. During the program, with Museums and a chat with the cook, who is saying goodbye to her daily tv program, “the Open Kitchen” on tv. Two years ago, followed by Sandra, Sofie Dumont, and it was the new chef on tv. Bekkari has two years ago, a pack of crap about it, it was pretty rough on her.

“I’m very, very glad that I got the chance to get in a full day program, but it’s also a bit of mixed feelings about that, I’ll stop. It is always a double, so it’s a little bit of time to say goodbye to something you still have two years of hard work to you. I will continue to work, and it is not to say that I will never not have a tv anymore do it, unless I are too old to find. But it is not a daily program, and I don’t want to stop what I’m doing. I’m very, very happy to contact with people, and I think that it is excellent for lectures, and people to meet, new books to write, and I can really put my passion into it. This is something that I’m often just at home, you can do it,” he said to Sandra with Evi Hanssen. He wanted to know if the abandonment of the ‘Open Kitchen’ and also have anything to do with the harsh comments on social media, to the address of Sandra Bekkari. “Yes, yes, I was just, I do that fairly matter. People will buy a book because they are interested in you, and the people come to a reading because they are genuinely interested in doing so. The difference with tv is that you are in the living room with everyone within it, while there are those who are completely against it and I understand that as well. Everyone needs to do what he or she feels good about it, and everyone is allowed to have his / her own opinion. I didn’t just crap all over me to get in on the social media, and it sounds like it’s further in. At the request of the Evi Hanssen says Sandra Bekkari, what is the worst that they have ever had to read was “A televisiekok that look like an anorexia patient, for example,” laughs Sandra . “It’s really not very good, I mean it is hard within the, in the sense that people really do not have to have to learn to deal with social media. Face-to-Face, we will know how to work with each other to be able to deal with that, and we have to be polite and respectful towards each other. That respect is totally gone, when there’s a computer in there, but you learn to deal with it. That’s not the reason why I stopped, but I still have to learn to deal with it. It’s not a good thing to have your daughter comes in tell ‘Mom, you have to look and see what they have about you, register. Yes, it is loud inside, especially when it’s your daughter’s coming. “