Of Monsters and Men to come to Roma

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The time has finally come: with the ‘Fever Dream’, Or of Monsters and Men is a long-awaited new album will be ready. In the last three years in a cut of the Icelandic band, along with producer Rich Costey (MUSE, Vampire Weekend, and Chvrches) in a follow-up to ‘Beneath The Skin’ (by 2015), and “My Head Is An Animal’ in 2011, and the boards that make them more of a sweet indiefolkgroepje among the world champions that they are today. Over the past decade, and it felt for all the members of of Monsters and Men as in a dream, but for those that closely followed know it and that they are hard for their success and have had to put up a fight. In 2011, it was a demo of their song “Little Talks” out of the blue to be picked up by a radio station in Philadelphia, a city of five Icelanders have never even visited. From then on, things went fast. Of Monsters and Men was an incredible turn on to the prestigious showcase festival SXSW in Austin, Texas, and they knew it was their debut album My Head Is An Animal’ is in stores. At a time when the platenverkoop at an all-time low went to the debut, trouble-free, multi-platinum, and then had a tour yet to start.

After that explosive beginning, in which OMAM unceasingly toured, festival captured tv audiences omverblies pulled up, and the band is back in Iceland for their second album ‘Beneath The Skin’, to work with. That a successor was hassle free and the success of the band’s debut, and of Monsters and Men, becoming the first Icelandic band that is passed 1 billion streams on Spotify. Good news indeed, and yet it took the Samples, and only in the last few years, time to take a moment to reflect on their amazing career. In a career that began with the opening track “Little Talks,” and from there it just exponentially grew. In the last two years, for the OMAM, especially in a period of time in order to get back to him / herself, and to go in search of the band that they’ve always wanted to be. So, first of all, the music. Where there are Samples, and in the past It was always in the repetitiehoek climbed to a record was finished, they gave each other at this time, more breathing space and a place to put your own ideas to work with. The driving force behind the new release is the curiosity: Or, the Monsters, and You get confidence out of their comfort zone and are going to be looking at what’s living in. Expect influences ranging from The National, and Arcade Fire on Childish Gambino, and Solange, to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In the lyrics, this album again is very personal. Throughout Ragnar and Nanna wrote their songs separately, so it is in the songs, an understanding slid, which is very unique for an OMAM album.