‘Of Mismanagement at Oxfam, about the clerical-abuse scandal’

7d247a0142544212277b3c874965e63c - ‘Of Mismanagement at Oxfam, about the clerical-abuse scandal’

The British Charity Commission, the watchdog, an ngo, accused Oxfam of mismanagement in the manner in which the organization and the allegations of sexual abuse by its staff, afwikkelde.

At the beginning of last year, the Uk branch of Oxfam, in the time before the sexual misconduct on the part of any of its employees, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. It would be the young women paid for sex, even children under about 12 or 13 years old. Also, in the World would be Oxfam staff members, among whom were the Belgians, Roland Van Hauwermeiren, the women have to get paid for sex. Van Hauwermeiren, had later resigned. However, Oxfam came under fire because it was aware of what was happening there, and the staff is still a dignified exit is provided.

‘What’s wrong, was in Haiti was not an isolated case, ” says Helen Stephenson, from the Charity Commission on Tuesday. ‘Our research has shown that, over a period of many years, the internal culture at Oxfam, this abusive behavior is allowed. In certain instances, the values of the ngo and for the state, forget it.” The ngo was initiated in 2011 and a private survey, but reported no sexual abuse. The Charity Commission points out that the latter were not listening to the warnings, even from its own employees.

The British branch of Oxfam has to accept the findings of the report and said the recommendations will be followed. Responsible to Caroline Thomson says the findings are ‘a sham’ and that the organization would have had to do in order to find out what exactly happens in Haiti has to be played. “The decision Of the Hauwermeiren intention to take no further investigation into his conduct, it would, under the present policy, is not permitted to be declared to the BBC.

Wednesday receive the report of the independent commission, which is the international umbrella organization, Oxfam, has been appointed.

The three looked to Oxfam, many donors drop out, and had no more money to the government. The Uk’s department for international development, will be ‘coming soon’ to decide about the future of the relationship with Oxfam, says the Uk’s public broadcaster BBC, on Tuesday.