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Mercedes: “a Lot of drama behind the scenes of her victory in Canada”

d28d4755da165fec28e2aceb5fd044e8 - Mercedes: "a Lot of drama behind the scenes of her victory in Canada"

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was on Sunday after the race a sigh of relief halen.De Bike to let you know that the much talked-about win in Canada came after a lot of drama behind the scenes.

The problems of the Mercedes began on Saturday morning with the new Mercedes engine, Lance Stroll, the later was in the Mercedes, they were just scared of the heart to wait and see how the story would go on with the other ‘Phase 2’ engines.

This fear was only increased when there was a hydraulic leak was discovered on the car of Lewis Hamilton, there was nothing for it, then the whole system will have to be replaced before the next race would take place.

To the outside world it looked like she was with the “Silberpfeile” everything is under control, but team boss Toto Wolff has let us know that this is anything but the case.

“Now it looks like this will be a victory for the team, it’s actually a pretty difficult weekend for the team,” said Wolff. “We had a car that was in a million pieces was the hydraulic leak.”

“We were not sure if we are not able to race, or that he would have to go through to the end of the race. Then there was the half of the team had had the flu, and that nobody will see. It was just a matter of follow-through.”

“It was the blown motor in the car and on the West, of which we do not know whether it is an effect it would have on us. In general, it is one of the most raceweekends that I can remember, even if there was, perhaps, not so off from the outside world.”

At the end of the race it was David’s hot and cold at the same time, in spite of the penalty that Vettel got continued to be Lewis Hamilton’s hunt for the German, because he was definitely the first to cross the finish line, wanted to come in.

“I think he wanted to prove that he is as well able to, it would have been to pass it on to the track, so he was able to say, ” I have to win on the road, instead of due to the penalty on Vettel.’”

“That is, he was trying to accomplish, and I know that. I was not happy with that because the brakes had overheated, but I think that it is the behaviour and the decision-making of the driver, it is.”

As if all that excitement weren’t enough, it has been found that there was still doubt as to whether or not the hydraulic system of the car, of Hamilton, however, in accordance with the regulations, by the way, for last-minute repairs on Sunday.

In accordance with the regulations from the F1 have that the replacement parts are exactly the same as the original parts. According to the German “Auto, Motor und Sport” the new system is not the same as the original, but the technical stewards were not able to substantiate the fact that the new system is not working then the new one.

In the Mercedes W10 was adopted en Toto Wolff was once again relieved to take a breath.

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